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May 05, 2020 2 min read

When we think of celebrities, we usually think of TV, movies, or music. What we tend to overlook are the products they release, like their perfumes and colognes. Lots of people enjoy a good celebrity fragrance, and some of those people work at notable places like Buzzfeed and Men’s Health.


1. Beyonce Heat

Image from Buzzfeed

Oh Beyonce, can you do any wrong? First your music, then your fashion, now this. Buzzfeed put this at the top of a list titled “33 Celebrity Fragrances That Actually Smell Good.” Heat has elements of red vanilla-orchid and peach. Also, Ariana Grande made it on this list and other ones. 


2. Moonlight – Ariana Grande

Image from Collegefashion.net

CollegeFashion.net states that Ariana Grande fragrance is “still worth checking out” and that it smells like marshmallow and vanilla musk. Plus, the bottle has a puffball on it and that’s reason enough to give it a try. If you don’t like it, try the next one.


3. 'Melrose Place' EDP by OUAI (Jen Atkin) 

Image from Elle

Elle likes this one because of its “champagne, berries, florals, amber” smell. Who knew that a hairstylist could also make an awesome fragrance? People in Hollywood make lots of great things outside their fields all the time. 


4. Jessica Simpson Fancy Love

Image from Bestmenscolognes.com

Despite being a women’s fragrance, it was featured on Bestmenscolognes.com's list of favorite celebrity perfumes. Their site says that Fancy Love is “really pretty stuff” because of its blend of scents like champagne and peach. Many celebrity perfumes contain lots of pretty stuff. 


5. M Mariah Carey

Image for Popsugar

PopSugar makes great online workouts and perfume recommendations, as seen in their fondness for M. M has a sweet and floral scent, which matches the beautiful purple butterfly on the bottle. Can anyone say no to that? Bottles design is important when it comes to releasing a fragrance.


6. Paris Hilton for Men

Image from Men's Health

We have to include at least some men’s fragrances on this list. A surprising favorite from Men’s Health is Paris Hilton for men. Its blue and black stripes are nice to look at, while the smell is “tropical and fruity.” Paris Hilton has released many fragrances, many of which are for women.


7. Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

Image from FragranceX

This one smells flowery, sweet, and a little bit powdery. Fairy Dust has a five-star review from Fragrance.net. Reviewers say that the perfume lasts all day and that they were satisfied with the purchase. Celebrities make all sorts of fragrances for every person and occasion. 


8. Patrick Dempsey’s 2

Image from Esquire

Esquire says this one is great for the office since it has the work-appropriate notes of “oriental spice and wood.” Even though it’s safe for work, FragranceX says that the fragrance is a wonderful combination of “intimacy and strength.”

Celebrities have many gifts, including making great fragrances. Not only do celebs entertain us, but they also help us smell better. These fragrances are high-quality and long-lasting. Although not everyone can be famous, we can all at least smell like celebrities. 

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